We, at the VoyageOn team, are passionate about our job and about the beautiful cities where we operate. Unique architecture, great food, exciting history and well-hidden gems attract visitors to our destinations. 

We love travelling and discovering the world around us let that be about ancient history, modern architecture or traditional local cuisines, we always do it with locals on our side. Not only because we want to have a local insight but also because we want to show our appreciation to local communities while on holiday. 

Our hobby became our passion. We both have been working in tourism for most of our lives and honestly, we can't imagine changing profession ever! We partnered in 2009 and since then we organised private and luxury tours, international conferences and corporate outings and have been operating Urban Adventures tours in three European destinations. We were both born and raised in Budapest but our personal life took us to live in various countries, this is how we ended up running Lyon and Amsterdam experiences as well.

As a team, we commit to responsible and sustainable travel and implement it across our entire operation.  We support local businesses, sustainable practices and cultural acceptance, and we believe that it contributes to a better experience.

Happy travels and we hope to see you soon!

Eniko & Livia